Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where on earth did I go? =) And some great library books =)

I've fallen horribly behind on posting!!!  I've actually been working on several different craft projects, but I didn't stop in between to write about any of them yet.  Bad blogger.  I promise to get pictures up in the next few days or even hours if my baby continues to sleep =) 

We have several new book recommendations I can start with though!  We are still going to the library, although lately I've mostly been requesting books and just picking them up since our schedules have gotten much busier.  But here are our recent favorites (My daughter just turned three in case you're wondering what age these are good for.)

We just discovered that Mo Willems has a whole series of I Can Read level books, his Elephant and Piggie books.  They are hilarious!  We particularly like, "There is a Bird on Your Head!"  Serenity and her friend Henry took turns reading the Elephant, Piggie, and bird parts like they were in a play =)

Big,  Bigger, Biggest:  This book is completely awesome, spectacular, amazing =)  It's full of great vocabulary words to describe all sorts of animals.  So we've been walking around using words like enormous and lackadaisical and finding it hilarious =)

Pigs to The Rescue:  Another funny one!

Cha Cha Chimps: Dancing chimps, what more do I need to say?  It's a nice counting book with a fun happy rhythm and great pictures.

Press Here:  Not sure it can be described, must be experienced.  Just do whatever the book says and amazing things happen =)

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