Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Organized for Preschool

My daughter started preschool this fall!  Just two days a week, and she LOVES it.  I was a little worried because she’s never really had structure before.  Most mornings she would just snack and wander around and play until she felt like doing something.  So I came up with a very short list of the things that absolutely had to get done to get ready for preschool:
1.) Pee (We just barely finished potty training in time for school!)   
2.) Get Dressed
3.) Brush Hair and Teeth
4.) Eat Breakfast (this was what I was most worried about getting done.  She’s a snacker and she needed to learn to eat in a timely manner on school days!)
5.) Pee again right before we leave
6.) Get backpack

Simple and easy!  That’s all it takes for us in the morning.  To make it even easier, I installed a hook near the potty she usually uses in the morning where we hang her outfit for the day.  We’re usually ready to go in five minutes, and then we just have to work on finishing breakfast!  No stress yet, although the day my newborn had a diaper blowout just before our scheduled departure made me happy we usually arrive early to school =) 

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