Saturday, October 8, 2011

Carnival Game Ideas!

Serenity's school is having their annual Halloween Carnival soon!  Each class is responsible for making a booth and the parents from that class run it.  I won't be able to go to the carnival, but I'm still helping to figure out the games and ordering prizes!  So here's a list of my favorite Halloween Carnival ideas.  Now I just have to decide which one to go with.  I hate making these decisions on my own, any opinions? 

1.) Plinko. 

2.) Tic Tac Toe Toss

3.) Pumpkin Bowling (Can do this with toilet paper or empty 2 liters decorated as ghosts.  Probably a craft pumpkin so it's not too heavy.)

4.) Cornhole Game ( I actually have one of these already that I made for Barrett's Jedi Party, so it might be good to just paint it Halloween-y and use it.)

5.) Quidditch Pitch.  Hang Hula Hoops and have people try to throw balls through them while "riding" (holding) on a broomstick.  Maybe give out bouncy balls with feathers to be Golden Snitches.  This would be fun but one of the classes does a chicken toss through a hula hoop so I think it would be too similar.

6.) Craft Booth? Paint Pumpkins,

7.) Putting Green

8.) Dinosaur Dig… Dig for a dinosaur egg… either find a dinosaur in the egg, or a number for a prize.

9.) Donut race… (Hang mini donuts or pumpkin cookies? From a string, and contestants have to eat with hands behind back

10.) Ping Pong Toss (Also known as the Grand Prize Game! for those of you who remember Bozo the Clown. =)  I love it, especially with hollowed out pumpkins as the cups.  
And here are some extra ideas that I don't think would work this year...:
Pin the Tail on the Turkey… (write names on them so they can be hung?)

 Blow the duck

Cake Walk?

Kids loved hitting Darth Vader with a Light Saber… some version of that?  Throw balls at masked guys?

Silly String (need a tarp…)

Floating Pumpkins – Before the party, blow up lots of orange balloons. Pass them out at the party and let the children try to keep them in the air without touching the ground! Have some extra blown up in case some get popped right away.  (We don't have enough space but it looks like fun!)

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