Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lemon’s Purse

Since I actually finished my costumes with time to spare, I decided to procrastinate on Christmas presents by making a matching candy bag for Serenity’s costume!  In one of the books Lemon had a cute little lemon purse, so I just made mine a lot like that. 

I cut a four inch by 11 inch strip of yellow felt and then cut two yellow semicircles about as big as I could make them using just the two pieces of yellow felt I had left after all this lemony goodness.  That’s about a seven inch diameter. Then two white semicircles, slightly smaller, and six teardrop shaped pieces of yellow.  I hand stitched it all, I think I’m completely over my avoidance of hand stitching.  It’s just easier to manipulate felt by hand, and so soothing! 

Then I used a little bit of the ribbon that I’d used for the belt to make a handle, covering the end of the ribbon with a little rectangle of felt.  Then to make it a bit sturdier, I lined the bottom with a four inch wide strip of cereal box cardboard.  Then I thought, that doesn’t look finished, so I added a little flap of yellow felt on top to cover the cardboard. 

It works great!  She’s been using it as a purse all week, and although my husband voiced doubts as to whether it will hold enough candy, it will certainly hold as much candy as we should let her eat. ;)  

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