Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lemon Accessories

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Serenity got to pick her Halloween Costume this year, and she chose to be Lemon Meringue!!  Ok, it's possible I helped her just a little bit.  She originally said cat, but when I was looking at cat costume ideas, this Lemon Meringue one popped up, and she noticed that Lemon has yellow hair and blue eyes just like her!  The best part about this costume is that Lemon wears all kinds of different clothes in blue and aqua, so anything I can manage to sew in those colors works!  I've got it nearly done, but not photographed, so for today I'm just going to show off the headband I made!

Notice Lemon has that little lemon in her hair.  I struggle with Serenity's hair, as I am mostly clueless about my own.  We've never had it cut, and only brush it now and again, but it's starting to get long enough that it really needs something!  So I finally discovered that those fuzzy bristled brushes work great!  And headbands make it almost look like I know what I'm doing.  So a headband with a lemon sewn on is just the ticket.  I hand sewed some felt to make the lemon.  Very simple, a yellow semicircle, a white semicircle, and three yellow teardrops to make the lemon!  Plus two little green leaves.  Then I found a headband that has fabric on it so it was easy to stitch it down!  And cute! =)  Now I know why there are thousands of tutorials on headbands, bows, and flowers, they are so fun and easy to make!  

Here is the new improved picture.  Just can't beat natural light. =)

Now you can see why I need to take different pictures of the costume!  I don't know what I did so wrong! =)

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  1. I love the outfit and the head band! I almost wanted to make a topping for Evan's head, but I don't know if there's a boyish way to do it without someone getting confused.

  2. Well, people get confused no matter what =) Serenity would be wearing an outfit covered in flowers and I would get compliments on my cute little boy =) But, if you wanted a topping, making it look more like a hat and less like a bow would probably work. But I love your costume as it is already!