Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lemon Meringue Version Two

And here it is, Lemon Meringue version two!  I absolutely loved this Cascading Ruffled Skirt Tutorial, and had it starred and unread in my Google Reader for weeks.  (That’s my version of a to-do list, at least until I started with Pinterest!)  And so when Serenity wanted Lemon Meringue for her costume, I thought, this is totally something Lemon Meringue would wear!  Stylish and cute!  So I got a couple knits and went for it.  The only thing I changed is that after I made it according to instructions, I realized she said it was 5t, and Serenity is a 4t just because of length, not because of waist.  That’s right, way too big.  Plus, I completely failed at putting the elastic on the way she does it in the tutorial.  I stretched it too much at the end so it was all uneven.  So I just turned the top part into an elastic casing instead!  Then I could use an elastic the right size for her waist, and the skirt looks just like it should still.  Those ruffles are very forgiving.  I totally recommend this tutorial for the novice clothing maker, it was fun and so cute!  And no finished edges so no worries about my lack of serger =) 

Here are the rest of the Halloween posts, just one more two go, for the Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George!  Coming up Tuesday =) 

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