Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reorganization Stalled by OCD

So I was having a great Sunday.  We had Family Clean the Bathroom day and I assigned Serenity her first real cleaning chore (as opposed to picking up her own stuff.)  She got to clean mirrors!  She loved helping and kept saying, “You have to rub REALLY hard!”  She definitely worked at it =)  And I was so inspired by the clean bathroom that I decided to do something about my insane closet.  You see, anytime I start a project (which is almost every week this time of year) the closet ends up looking like this:

The problem is (besides my natural slobbishness) is that naptime is crafting time… and this closet is in the room where the baby sleeps!  So I have to tiptoe in there, barely breathing, and sneak out my supplies while he’s napping.  And forget putting them back where they go, even though all my supplies have perfectly good tubs and spots to go back into.  It’s not worth waking him up, if he wakes up before the craft gets done then my living room looks like that! 

So, I decided to move my crafting and office supplies upstairs to the linen closet that was holding mostly overflow toys (half my daughter’s and half my husband’s ;)  I got that all cleaned out and then, ecstatic, ready to organize…. I looked at it.  And it had that yucky tan paint that was all over the walls here.  I think the previous owners ( maybe two before me) must have had the entire house sprayed with that stuff.  I covered over it in all the main rooms, but most of the closets still have that paint.  And it just looks dirty!  So, I checked in my garage, and hey, half a gallon of white paint! 

So, I painted.  And guess what half a gallon of paint will do?  Two-thirds of a closet. 

So I bought an entire new gallon of paint to finish it up.  And now, I have another half gallon of paint.  So the next time I try to organize, I can once again make it a week long process by painting half a closet white =)  But the white is beautiful, and since the craft closet is going to get opened all the time, hey, I’m glad I did it!  Maybe by next week I’ll actually get to put all my goodies in it!

**Oh, and technically, the color is Silver Lining by Pratt and Lambert.  I love colors with pretty names, makes it even prettier =)

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