Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Recommendations: Sandra Boynton!

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love Boynton books!  They are fun for kids and funny for adults too, and I can read them over and over without getting tired of them!!!  Our all time favorites are, of course, Barnyard Dance (see Serenity's Barnyard Dance Birthday Party) and Pajama Time.  She's got some new and great ones out though!  My amazon associates links seem to be broken, but here's a list of some from our last library outing and the newest one we bought:

Happy Hippo, Angry Duck:  I dare you to try and say Happy Hippo and Angry Duck without giggling, I haven't managed it yet.  I love that this book talks about moods and emotions, as I have a three year old now that has all of them =)  It's a great opportunity to talk about them, and as always, the book itself is adorable.

Little Pookie: She's got a whole series on Little Pookie, and the new one is so cute!  Serenity had me read it at least twenty times, and we only had it for two weeks from the library.  She can read them herself too, so she had it for a bed book too, and I could listen to her read it over the monitor.  Such fun! 

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