Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classroom Art Project for Auction

My baby is in school!  Preschool, and just two days a week, but still.  She loves it, and I’m thrilled about that!  And I get to volunteer with her class, so more fun for me too!  Our school has an auction every year to raise money, and each class makes an art project to sell there.  I spent many happy hours on google over this project! =) 

If you are setting up for your own auction project, here are the ideas I liked best from my hunt around google.  You can also check out my pinterest board to see pictures that I found inspiring!

1.)Handprint Quilt
2.) Artwork Quilt (Have the kids color squares.  It usually works best to give them a theme, like draw self portraits.  I decided our kids were a little too young at this part of the year for this to work out well.  Maybe next year!)
3.) Thumbprint Picture (make the thumbprints look like balloons lifting up a drawing of the school.) 
4.) Take photos of the kids in the shape of letters and frame them to spell out words like Dream, Laugh, etc. (Again, I had worries that my three year old wouldn’t lie still long enough to form letters, much less getting several three year olds to cooperate.  Maybe for kindergarden =)
5.) Paint reusable grocery sacks. (This is one I’d actually use!)
6.) Handprints on cute furniture, like a bookshelf.  I liked the idea of doing one of the book slings as well.
7.) Create a poster combining the kids art.  My sister in law did this Andy Warhol style picture that combined all the kids pictures in different colors.  So pretty!
8.) Decoupage traced hands onto a canvas.

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