Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Water Bottle Collages: Gift for Babies from Sibling!

Another idea from Teach Preschool, these water bottle collages were such fun!  When Serenity was about five months old one of her favorite toys was a Sprite bottle.  My Mom told us that next to boxes that’s the best toy for a baby. =)  So I thought that this was a great present that Serenity could make for Donovan!  She was thrilled to make something for her brother, and he actually plays with it!  He’s only three and a half months, so he’s just now grasping at his toys, but he grabs for this one whenever he sees it!  I just provided the dry bottle and strips of paper, and Serenity figured out how to get them in the bottle. Some are folded, some are straight.  It’s a nice, colorful mix!

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